Hannah Boomershine


Hello! I'm Hannah.

I'm a podcast producer and animator with over five years of experience crafting stories – from radio features to nonfiction narrative series to audio-drive 2D animated shorts. I've also worked with brands to develop ear-catching podcasts that capture the attention of a unique target audience.


My past work includes production on the Edward R. Murrow Award-winning investigative series Motive and the scripted series Here Lies Me, a CBC best podcast of 2021. 


 I have an affinity for design that has a handmade feel to it, and finding meaning in the most ordinary aspects of life. 

Want to discuss a potential project? Say hi at hannahboomershine [at] gmail [dot] com

2021 National Edward R. Murrow Award - Motive Season 3 (WBEZ)
2017 William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship